Fitbit Charge 3 official with a touchscreen display

Fitbit Charge 3
Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit has announced a new fitness tracker with a touchscreen display – Fitbit Charge 3. However, the Fitbit charge 3 does not come with built-in GPS, so for most advanced feature the Charge 3 needs to be paired with the phone.

The company says that Fitbit charge 3 is 40 percent brighter than its predecessor’s and comes with an elevated, premium swim proof design and more than 15 goal-based exercise modes. Fitbit charge 3 should offer 7 days of battery usage and this will be the first device to feature an inductive button.

The Fitbit charge 3 also comes with a relative SpO2 sensor which allows for the potential to estimate changes in blood oxygen levels. It is already available for pre-order in the US for $149.95 and it will be available starting October. Fitbit Charge 3 special edition will cost $169.95 and available at the same time.
Fitbit Charge 3 comes in black with a graphite aluminum case or blue-gray with a rose gold aluminum case


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