iOS 11 on 76% of iOS Devices while only 4.6% of Android Devices has Android 8 installed

  • New adoption statistics for iOS published on Apple’s developer website reveal iOS 11 is installed on 76 percent of all compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch models, a share that has increased by 11 percent since the start of this year.
  • The developer website’s chart shows 19 percent of iOS 11-compatible devices are still running iOS 10 compared to the 76 percent running iOS 11 itself.
  • Another 5 percent of devices are noted as running earlier versions of iOS, but this figure was not broken down further.


  • Unlike third-party sources, Apple gleans its data from App Store visits to provide a more accurate representation of iOS adoption figures.
  • iOS 11 has seen respectable uptake by consumers, but the OS still lags behind its predecessors.
  • Though it carries a number of desirable features, like an iPad-centric user interface improvements, ARKit support and Apple Pay Cash, iOS 11 has been beset with software bugs ranging from usability issues to security vulnerabilities.

More recently, researchers discovered a glaring HomeKit flaw in iOS 11.2 that granted unauthorized access to internet-connected devices controlled by Apple’s smart home platform. Apple patched the hole by disabling guest accounts before permanently fixing the problem in a subsequent iOS release.

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