Apple 2018 iPhones will get 70% of LTE Chips from Intel

  • Apple will source 70% of the LTE modem chips it will need for its 2018 iPhone lineup from Intel.
  • The report indicates current modem supplier Qualcomm will continue to make LTE chips for the new handsets, producing 30% of the modem supply.
  • 2018 will be the first year that Intel will fabricate its own chips using its 14-nanometer process. Apple plans to continue to use Qualcomm’s chips in 2018, just in case Intel can’t supply enough chips.
  • If Intel gets production issues worked out for the LTE modem chip, Apple is expected to transition to solely using Intel modem chips in its 2019 iPhone lineup.

Apple’s transition to Intel modem chips comes on the heels of Apple’s bitter legal fight with Qualcomm, who until 2016 had been the sole supplier for the iPhone’s modem chips.

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