Twitter now allows Bookmark features for saving tweets

Twitter has introduced a new feature called Bookmarks. This feature has been in testing on iOS for quite a while and now has been released for both the android and iOS.
Twitter has added a new icon to make this bookmarking feature available. The icon is now near the old ‘Direct Message’ button. Users will now be able to share the tweet through DM, add it to bookmarks or share a tweet outside Twitter by means of other apps on your phone.
When you add a tweet to the bookmark, it gets added to your bookmarks section. Users can access them later through the side menu on the two iOS and Android. A reverse chronological history of the bookmarked tweets will be visible here. This is not the same as the Likes included on Twitter, where loved tweets are arranged in the tweets they were tweeted and not the tweets they were liked.
A good thing about the bookmarks is that they can be synced across multiple devices. Which means in the event that you have more than one phone, including tweets to bookmarks on one gadget will sync them across your other gadgets. But the feature to sync drafts in Twitter is yet to be added.
The Bookmarks feature is rolling out on Twitter on the iOS and Android platforms, Twitter Lite app for Android and Twitter mobile site but not on your desktops.

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