New Nokia device appeared in FCC

We have seen a new Nokia (Nokia 4) device appeared in FCC a couple of days back and another new device has appeared in FCC again, Nokia 1. Another new Nokia device is nearly to announce. According to the FCC listing Nokia 1 will have a codename TA-1071 and it is the entry-level smartphone.

Nokia 1 and Nokia 7 Plus is expected to announce in MWC 2018.
Nokia 1
As per the previous leaks phone is expected to feature 5-inch display and 18:9 aspect ratio. As per the details leaked Nokia 1 will be 134mm tall and 50mm wide with a diagonal of 136 mm, equal to around 5.35”. The listing reveals also Bluetooth 4.0, 4G LTE and WiFi 2.4 GHz availability along some technical details like bands, frequencies and antenna positioning. Nokia 1 is expected to price below $99.
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