Amazon Echo and Music Unlimited will be made available in Australia and New Zealand

Amazon has launched its Echo hardware and Music Unlimited streaming service during last December, It was made available in in 28 countries across the globe and now these two things are coming to Australia and New Zealand.


The Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus will be made available in “select major retailers” in February for the Australian and New Zealand customers. Especially for Austrellian customers, the pre-orders are started in Amazon with the Echo for $119 AUD, the Echo Dot is for $49 AUD, and the Echo Plus for $199 AUD.
The Music Unlimited will also be available in Australia and New Zealand starting February 1. You can get access to 45 million songs for Music Unlimited and it can be used with Amazon’s Echo hardware. Amazon will be offering a free 90-day trial for those who wish to give the service a whirl before handing over any cash,
Thee launch of Echo devices and Music Unlimited brings the Alexa to Australia and New Zealand now! Each country will get a region-specific version of the virtual assistant with a unique voice, skills, and local knowledge added by developers in the areas.

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