Wireless android with auto-capable head units display at CES 2018 from JVCKEWOOD

JVCKENWOOD’s booth @ CES 2018 will exhibits its latest products from the Automotive and the Media Service Sectors.
Highlight high-end models of AV multimedia receivers featuring HD wide-viewing angle LCD panels, new car AV products with a high-resolution compatibility with a 1280×720 resolution, a wide-angle LCD, and both Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. Yes, JVCKENWOOD will have two receivers capable of wireless Android Auto on display at CES 2018. One will be under the KENWOOD brand and other will be as JVC. The JVC receiver is described as having a 6.8-inch LCD panel that also has Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity for Android Auto, will also have a 720p display(CNET Claims)

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