MediaTek announced new biosensor module for smartphones, Sensio 6-in-1

MediaTek announced a new smartphone biosensor module that can monitor 6 different health metrics. In able to measure a user’s heart rate by a rear camera and flash (Common on many Smartphone now), Heart-Rate Variability, blood pressure, peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2), electrocardiography (ECG), and photoplethysmography (PPG). MediaTek hopes that manufacturers will begin to integrate Sensio into their devices in the future. MediaTek Sensio will be available beginning in early 2018.
The MediaTek Sensio MT6381 is a comprehensive software and module solution designed specifically to deliver valuable health data, consisting of optical, electrical and processing components. It is customizable and device manufacturers have the flexibility to embed the MediaTek Sensio module directly into all types of smartphones, versus using multiple sensors. Manufacturers can develop proprietary applications or leverage third-party applications and developer add-ons.
The module uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) in conjunction with a light sensitive sensor to measure the absorption of red and infrared light by the user’s fingertips. By touching a device’s sensors and electrodes with your fingertips, MediaTek Sensio creates a closed loop between your heart and the biosensor to measure ECG and PPG waveforms.
MediaTek Sensio MT6381 includes:
Integrated R and IR LEDs for reflective PPG measurement + 1-channel ECG analog front-end
Compact 6.8 mm x 4.93 mm x 1.2 mm OLGA 22-pin package
Total External BOM: 4 caps + 2 electrodes
I2C /SPI digital interface

Dr. Yenchi Lee, Sr. Director of Product Marketing for MediaTek’s wireless business said “Giving people the power to access their health information with a smartphone is a major step in making the world a healthier place, With our MediaTek Sensio biosensor module and software, developers and device makers have a powerful, embedded health monitoring solution that delivers heart and fitness information in around 60 seconds.”

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