WhatsApp now will allow to delete messages

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature where we can delete the send message for everyone or just for yourself. This is the most waited feature for everyone. Here there is a small twist, ie the message can be deleted only within 7 minutes after the message is send, after 7 minutes the message cannot be deleted.
Messages you successfully delete for everyone will be replaced with “This message was deleted” in your recipients’ chats (*). Similarly, if you see “This message was deleted” in a chat, it means that the sender deleted their message for everyone.
Open WhatsApp and go to the chat containing the message you wish to delete.
Tap and hold the message. Optionally, tap more messages to delete multiple messages at once.
Tap Delete at the top of the screen > Delete for everyone.
In order for messages to be successfully deleted for everyone, both you and your recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.
(*) If you or your recipient are not using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, this feature will not be supported.
Recipients may see your message before it’s deleted or if deletion was not successful.
You will not be notified if deleting for everyone was not successful.

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