Mobile Choice Consumer awards 2017 – UK

The Mobile Choice Consumer Awards will be celebrated each and every year, October 5 for his year. This allows Brits to vote for the favorite tech.
Moto E4 received the Best value Phone under £150.
Honor 9 received the Best Midmarket phone.
Samsung Galaxy S8 wins the Best Phone of the year and best camera phone award as well.
Amazon Won the best Online Retailer award.
Carphone Warehouse received the Best High Street Retailer award for stocking an amazing range of handsets and offering helpful in-house services .
Vodafone received the Best In-Store Customer Experience award.
EE has won best network, for its brilliant range of handsets, price plans and advanced technologies.
O2 has come out as the best Customer care service offered.
Sky Mobile received the Best value network for its best plan.
Fitbit Charge 2 received the Best fitness wearable.
Google Home receives the best connected Gadget of the Year.
Samsung Won the Best Manufacture of the Year.
TechHouse Repairs received the best Repair service award.
Three Network receives the best Data Network award a d Best Network for Roaming award.
Apple Watch 2 receives the Best smartwatch of the Year.

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