Motorola is backtracking from promise it made last year? for Moto G4 series

Motorola recently revealed a list of smartphones that are eligible to receive the Android 8.0 Oreo update. Here the Moto G4 Series is missing, But initially Motorola promised that G4 Series will receive the Android Oreo update. Now the company has silently removed all the references where it promised to bring Oreo Update to its Moto G4 series.
Here’s the first proof – on left is part of the original Moto G4 poster promising both Android N and O updates, and on the right is the updated poster, that just promises Android N.

Moving on, following is a YouTube video of the phone’s listing on Amazon India. The video was uploaded in May 2016, when the device was brand new. If you pause the video at 1:00, you’ll again see the Android O update promise.
However, if you now take a look at the current Moto G4 landing page on Amazon India, you’ll observe there are no traces of Android O (or Oreo).

Following is another proof – a brochure in Spanish – that Motorola marketed the handset saying it’ll get both Android Nougat and Oreo updates. See the third-last line in the MOTO PURE section:
Here everyone in the company is at the same page when it comes to the Moto G4 Android O update. The official Motorola India Twitter account recently confirmed Oreo for Moto G4, but the tweet was pulled shortly thereafter.

Motorola India confirmed that moto g4 plus will receive android oreo..but no specific time..being a lenovo moto i think at least 1 year  — Krishnendu Ballav (@KrishnenduBall2) September 15, 2017

Well, looks like Motorola’s priorities have changed, and delivering all promises is certainly not in the list. The redditor who dug up all these details rightly asks, “Isn’t Motorola selling a product by deceiving customers using false information?”

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