Here is the fix when the Google Play Protect is messing up with Bluetooth

Google introduced “Google Play Protect” app for the android device, gives protection to the smartphones by automatic scanning for viruses when installing apps from Google Play Store and the Find My Device feature. The Google Play Protect has been pushed out to several Android devices. Besides the important and useful features, the app brings a problem with Bluetooth on some mobile phones.


The Google Play Protect red flags the app Bluetooth Share 7.0, and it is listing it as being unsafe. If this app is disabled (being system app, it cannot be uninstalled), it leads to Bluetooth failing on affected devices. This issue is being noticed in Motorola Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus.

There is a Quick fix for this problem, because the Bluetooth Share 7.0 is a system app, it can not be deleted. Re-enabling this app by options, Go to Settings > Applications > Reset Application Settings. This may affect the other settings in the mobile, Google may roll-out a permanent fix for this issue.


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