Bixby Global launch set to August 22

Samsung is rumored to enable Bixby globally on August 22, Samsung has just released a teaser that clearly shows the global rollout of Bixby (Personal assistant ) will start on August 22.

According to a previous report, the update that brings Bixby, Bixby Global Action, Bixby Dictation, Bixby Wakeup and Bixby PLM has already been released in many countries like U.K., South Africa, India, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Argentina, Afghanistan, Iran, the UAE, Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Pakistan.
But these Bixby-related features have not been enabled, so they don’t work yet. However, starting tomorrow, they could become fully functional. Not all Samsung smartphones and tablets will be compatible with the new Bixby features and some will be enabled before others.

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